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Lotus > Elise, Exige (K-Series) > LTS242MX - Engine Mount Set

Lotus Elise, Exige (K-Series)

LTS242MX - Engine Mount Set

The carry-over Rover K-series engine mount system used in the Elise and Exige has long been known to be a weakness in the car. Failures of the mounts and brackets cracking are common problems, particularly in cars used for competitive motorsport and track days. At long last there is a viable alternative to the original system that has been developed for both road and track use.

More than five months of intensive development and testing are behind this system. It has been balanced with the stiffness of all 3 mounts optimised to perform together perfectly, therefore it is only available as a complete kit. The “Competition” version is designed to suit cars that are only used for competitive motorsport and would be too harsh for normal daily use. The “Road” version has been specifically designed with the track day user in mind giving outstanding vibration isolation performance, maintaining an acceptable level of comfort for the driver and passenger both on road and track.

Advantages of this system are:-

# Improved durability.

# Significant reduction in engine movement.

# Improved handling and driver feedback from the car.

# Weight reduction of more than 1kg over the standard system.

# Road and Competition versions available.

Note to MGF/TF owners. The Elise uses the same hydraulic right hand mount as the MG but this mount is designed to fit the Elise only as the Elise uses an additional bracket which our mount also replaces. If you are interested in upgrading your standard mount we can adapt the height to suit the MG. Please contact us for details.

Part RRP: £330.31 (Ex. VAT)

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