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CAT100M - Front Engine Mount , Caterham 7 "Imperial" chassis (1973-2007)

This is a considerably more advanced mount than the standard Caterham part. It features a much greater useable rubber volume for absorbing vibration energy without increasing engine movement. It also has a more effective rebound (failsafe) feature which limits upward movement as a result of extreme torque reaction or engine bounce. The base flange is 3mm thick as opposed to the original 2.4mm flange.

The greater load bearing rubber section gives considerably better vibration isolation over the OEM part as well as improved durability. In every way this is a superior engine mount.

Note. This mount is 3.5mm taller than the OEM part when installed. You should check clearances between the engine and bodywork before fitting.

The engine bracket must be at least 19mm diameter where it fits around the top bolt of the mount (see photo).

Price is for a single mount. Two are required for a car set.

Note, Fits pre-metric chassis only (up to 2007)

Part RRP: £47.25 (Ex. VAT)

Installation Diagram

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